While banging your ho doggy style, you wait till you cum. Then you repeatedly pummel her kidneys with as much force as you can muster while letting loose your best impersonation of an angry King Kong.
I'd kong Kate from Kate's Playground in a heartbeat.
Konging is the gerund form of the infinitive to kong.
by Necessary January 20, 2006
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Korean saying for making someone climax during oral sex. Like Americans say "I'm gonna rock your world", Koreans use "I'll take you to Hong Kong".
Yoongi: Whether it be men or women, my flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps.
by etherealkiiid February 15, 2016
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The scuba-diving, surfboard-wielding, incomprehensibly funky ape who is so radical he destroys the ozone layer with his very existence.

He also plays well in MarioKart Wii as the fastest heavyweight character, so he's used in time trial runs a lot.
Friend: What's so great about Funky Kong, anyway?
by Funky Kong "ULALALALALAYYYYYY" February 14, 2020
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To King Kong a joint (also known as Konging) is to smoke the whole joint down to the roach in one enthusiastic sitting. Usually you King Kong a joint with several of your closest friends.
Jack: Hey Callen should we smoke a joint tonight?
Callen: Only if we King Kong it.
by Baseless Whale March 14, 2021
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The most retardedly large, hairiest, and most beastly cock imaginable by man.
Oh my fucking god!!! Is that his dick!?! Dayum!!! That motherfucker has a schlongie kong!!!
by Pcott Setty May 2, 2008
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A place used to be a great economic center with great people and great food is about to disappear because the Chinese government is wrongfully taking control over the place.--A mainlander
Glad I was able to visit Hong Kong before its fall.
by Epicness + Dankness July 18, 2020
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