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A Koltypin, also known as a Koltypenguin, is a rare species of teacher that lives in the depths of AITE. Often found waddling the hallways shouting at innocent students to get to class. A Koltypin is a fascinating creature, when it feels threatened it shouts "Come on guys it's June, SHAPE UP!" When it is communicating with other civilization it bangs on the closest desk screaming "DIRECT OBJECT!"

A Koltypin is also known for it's fascination with Latin, as Latin is fun and Latin is the best language. There are few things that distinguish a Koltypin, such as; A potato like body, an ear bleeding inducing voice, nonsensical banter, sausage fingers, and a quadruple chin. But don't dare take a picture as any indication of a phone and you will hear the battle cry "Who are you guys always emailing?!" So be safe, and always remember Latin is fun!
Oh shit, a wild Koltypin has appeared!

I saw a Koltypenguin the other day and I honestly feel so attacked right now.
by DirectObject June 07, 2016
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A rare breed of teacher, native to A.I.T.E. that walks like a penguin, and has the howling voice of a banshee

A wolverine hearder

A Russian banshee, only speaking Latin (Sometimes used by the Russian Mafia to annoy the hell out their enimies and make their ears bleed with un-ending nonsensical banter)
"That woman is such a Koltypin."

"I saw a Koltypin today and nearly shit my pants from all the nonsense she was spewing."

"Ohmygod, stop walking like that.... You look like a Koltypin."
by Soupy Turtle May 24, 2012
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The rare yet dangerous breed of A.I.T.E. teacher that looks and walks like a lesbian Club Penguin character. (DO NOT APPROACH) unless you like suicidal thoughts, 2 minute bathroom breaks, and being ordered to find DIRECT OBJECTS or NOUNS! We have alerted Greenpeace but we have yet to hear back.
The koltypin waddled up to me.
by XXXTENTACI0N January 10, 2017
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