The mixture of spit and seamen, usually produced when a man ejaculates in a women's mouth.
"She was downing my hog like a mad women when all of a sudden i blew my load and she was covered in the knob slobber."
by David Meece January 05, 2006
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cock sucker. The term knob slobber was made to prevent one from getting TOSed in an AOL chat room. Use knob slobber instead of cock sucker.
As her mouth slid up and down his pole, he cried out, you're best the knob slobber in the world.
by Donna Lee February 09, 2006
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1. A euphemism combined with a metaphor: Knob: euphemism for dick head, penis (cf. "get my knob polished"). Slobber: visible pre-cum (pre-ejaculate fluid) emanating from the penis, so called because the fluid is clear and visually resembles drool or spittle.

2. By extension, knob slobber can also mean a dick head bearing visible saliva (spittle) from fellatio, together with pre-ejaculate. The combination of the two is also clear.

A related term is knob slob, a giver of messy blowjobs.
--"Timm pre-cums so much his knob slobber looks like a deluge."
by al-in-chgo June 16, 2011
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Someone who gives the gluck gluck 9000 without question. Someone well versed in the gush gwuak gag. They literally suck life out of you.

Typically your ex girlfriend who you’ll never experience this act from again.
Guy 1: Dude, i miss my ex so bad.

Guy 2: Thats only cause shes a Hob Goblin Knob Slobberer
Guy 1: True, i miss that gluck gluck 9000.
by Dusty Knuckles November 23, 2020
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