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This occurs when you cant let go of a certain stock. Whether it soars to the moon or sinks to hell, a person with Stockhold Syndrome will never sell their shares.

Someone with Stockhold Syndrome could cut glass with their hands because they're made of diamonds.
Paperhanded Hedgefunds: lets sell all our shares, buy some shorts, and crash this stock's price! Maybe we'll crash the market too while we're at it!

Stockhold Syndrome sufferer: Huh.. I guess this stock is on sale now.. I better buy more and hold on to what I have.

Paperhanded Hedgefunds: Fuck! We need a bailout! We just lost billions to a bunch of apes with suffering from Stockhold Syndrome!

Stockhold Syndrome Sufferer: Wow, the stock price spiked!! Cool. I'm never selling.
by Dusty Knuckles March 26, 2021
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What you say when you’re asked to go out to a place with a dress code. One must pull out their rags cause its all they have to wear.
Person 1: Hey, wanna go out tonight?

Person 2: Goddamn, pull out my rags
by Dusty Knuckles May 27, 2020
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Speaking fluid fluff. Talking satirically while remaining serious to provide an audience with what they wanna hear.
“Hey lady

Damn he knows how to speakthetalk
by Dusty Knuckles August 21, 2021
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Someone who gives the gluck gluck 9000 without question. Someone well versed in the gush gwuak gag. They literally suck life out of you.

Typically your ex girlfriend who you’ll never experience this act from again.
Guy 1: Dude, i miss my ex so bad.

Guy 2: Thats only cause shes a Hob Goblin Knob Slobberer
Guy 1: True, i miss that gluck gluck 9000.
by Dusty Knuckles November 23, 2020
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This is when an individual exhibits irritability for a rational reason, but is unable to convey that their “aggression” is warranted to those in the vicinity, so it goes “unchecked”.

Someone with unchecked aggression is not necessarily dangerous, just misunderstood in the moment.
*man on street yelling and throwing fits in air from frustration due to a problem at work or home*

*beat cop walking on street witnesses act*

Cop: “hey sir, calm down”


Cop: *uses radio*

“yeah dispatch, im gonna need backup squad cars and a K9 unit. We have an individual displaying unchecked aggression

*Cop fires 6 warning shots into the chest of the man on the street*

Cop: “stop resisting!”

Bystander #1: “Wow. I’m glad that man is no longer alive. He was scary.”

by Dusty Knuckles September 04, 2021
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