Rules and Regulations:

1) A knife fight can be declared when two bros cannot make a decision and must settle it in some way.
2) Either of the bros or the main bro can declare a knife fight.
3) Only two bros can fight in a knife fight.
4) Before the fight begins they must stand ten feet apart from each other on their respective side.
5) A knife fight is fought in a circle formed by all the bros and must be at least ten feet in diameter, a line must be drawn in the middle of the circle to keep each bro on their respective side.
6) A knife fight is fought with only switch blades or any other kind of knife, no guns, no fists, only blades.
7) Both bros must try to shank their opponent in order to win, the first bro to get shanked loses.
Note: Using any unapproved weapon or leaving the arena at any time is illegal.


1) The main bro will be the ref for a knife fight.
2) He also carries a switchblade.
3) He stands in the middle and declares when the knife fight begins.
4) The ref can stop the knife fight at any time.
5) If the ref catches one of the bros doing something illegal, he is allowed to shank them, giving the other bro the win.
Person 2: No, the ball never crossed the line...
by KH Main Bro December 3, 2010
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"Yo, I heard Little Cletus is dead."

"Yeah man, he got himself in a knife fight."

"Awww, shit."
by Axel Scar December 14, 2009
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Similar to a sword fight, however both participants penises are very small, thus knives instead of swords
Yo I heard those kids had a sword fight this weekend.
Nah, they only had a knife fight.
by illweedsesh January 28, 2009
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Probably one of the most homoerotic song to ever exist, created by lemon demon aka neil cicierega. if Neil didn’t indent this song to be homoerotic, idk what he intended it to be.
mentally ill teenager 1: “have you heard the song knife fight by lemon demon?”
mentally ill teenager 2: “oh my god are you talking about the homoerotic one absolutely”
mentally ill teenager 1:“EXACTLY you can’t just put one of the lyrics as “ill pin you to the wall!” And say the song isn’t gay???”
by skipppy January 16, 2022
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The key rule is there are no knife fight rules.
Snake threw a drink and knife at the Bandidos' eyes because there are no knife fight rules.
by I, Wreckerrr October 15, 2016
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Popularized by “Cage the elephant” in reference to the knife technique women from the Azores learn at a young age said to be able to kill under eight seconds and practiced on pigs.
“Don’t mess with Fatima, she knows how to Portuguese knife fight.”
by Britishbeans October 31, 2020
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"Holy shit Matt, it's a fucking lobster knife fight!"
by Matty Riffs November 9, 2008
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