A horn on a car, but also an insult, meaning the person is loud and annoying (much like a horn). See "Devvo" on fat-pie.com to hear it in use!
You're a right bloody klaxon mate!
by disableddan February 18, 2005
A 'klaxon' is a man who is in a relationship with a women who is far superior than him in terms of looks and personality and he is punching far above his weight
person 1:Look how fit she is over there
person 2:yeah mate shes bang tidy,whats she doin with that ugly bastard tho!
person 1:yeah what a klaxon that bloke is!
by big bad dele May 4, 2010
A New-rave band from New Cross, England. Described as "acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk". Known songs include Gravitys Rainbow, Atlantis to Interzone, The Boucer and Not Over Yet.
They can be seen wearing DIY clothes, holding glowsticks and making girls faint.
Members are Jamie Reynolds,James Righton ,Simon Taylor (aka Captain strobe) and Steffan Halperin.

"Myths of the near future" is due out in 2007.

Neu-waver: Klaxons are so MDMAzing!
by Kathi October 8, 2006
Klaxons are a psychedelic pop/ new wave band from London new cross
Person1: who's the fit one from klaxons??
Person2: eh they're all fit hehe
Person1: oh
by alan woodrow May 2, 2007
klaxon is a bell

So if you want to call someone a bell end just call them a Klaxon
he's a proper klaxon
by Klaxon August 9, 2007
A loud English person, typically american.
While traveling in Europe I was constantly surrounded by anglo-klaxons.
by jparadis October 14, 2013
This is the Latin word for "white noise".
Little Johnny isn't happy about paying $200 a month for cable, yet all he gets is anglo-klaxons babbling on news shows.
by polymer_knight March 31, 2017