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A classy catch.

Often used to refer to an woman, girl, or lady that is attractive to you.
Yo, let's hit up frosh week, there's gonna be mad klatches there
by melanar October 05, 2015
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Klatch¹ n.
1. a pwner of noobs, one who pwnes.

2. a godly like figure, one of only two. (The ~ etc., one of two whom are
named Mitch and William.)

3. a masterful and/or great haxor of comps.

Klatch² n. 1. a title given to a person understood as a 'fishy.' (slang:
idiot, moron, fool.)
2. an insult.
3. a person who is pwn-worthy

klatch³ adj.
1. ~tastic, being great, cool, burn-worthy, funny.
2. ~ed up, being 'screwed' up or weird; strange; absurd.
3. ~tacular, see *klatchtastic.
Dude, your being such a klatch
That's fucking klatchtastic
Fuck you got Klatched
by Holy Incinerator October 23, 2006
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Klatch¹ n.

1. an informal group or gathering of people

2. people who have congregated with the intent of gossiping, etc.
"After the meeting, several people stopped at the diner and formed a little coffe klatch."

"Look at that klatch of yentas over there, talking about everybody's business."
by Robert Modean May 17, 2007
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Slang term used by 3rd World partisan forces for variants of the AK-47 assault rifle.
"I've got a klatch, 5 clips, a molotov cocktail, and an rpg. Bring on the Infidel!" ;-)
by legbatom June 17, 2006
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