Arlene Klasky, she, along with her friend Gabor Csupo, was an American animator for creating the popular Nickelodeon TV shows like Rugrats, the Rugrats Reboot, The Wild Thornberrys, All Grown Up, As Told by Ginger, Rocket Power, and Aaahh!! Real Monsters!!
Klasky is Arlene's last name, she likes to create Rugrats.
by CentralAnimator April 29, 2022
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Klasky Csupo Is A Short Robot Animation Called Splaat. He Says Klasky Csupo. There are other different endings to it
P1: We are done watching rugrats
ENDING: Klasky Csupo boing BADDEDEDEDOP. BOMB BOMB splat
by Cool2110 June 17, 2021
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Shitty animation studio that now pretty much controls all of Nickelodeon.
Fuck Rocket Power, Rugrats, and all the other shit Klasky Csupo puts out.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
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A thing that is now used by strange YouTube communities to make effects of it.
Video name: Klasky Csupo Intro Omega Effects Round 2 VS Somebody and E
Me: wat
by metrolord June 14, 2020
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