A nickname given to an Asian female who demonstrated uber-cuteness and adorability through her petiteness and inability to stop being adorable.
I met Kix today... she was so cuuuuuuuttttttteeee!
by purelycandor March 27, 2010
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A cereal that claims it is kid tested, and mother approved. It may very well be mother approved, but you will notice they only say it is kid tested, but not approved. Perhaps because it isn't! Any normal kid thinks it tastes like crap!
Little Jimmy passes up all the other sweet cereals for plain Kix..only because he is in a commmercial and being paid big money!
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somethin hella funny, makes u wanna laf, or think, funny to ur ears..
hahahah that gives me tha fuckin kix man
by yagirl May 06, 2004
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A Baltimore based music group. The most amazing band to ever exist. Is just pure talent. Kix has the best guitar duo ever and there's no denying it. (See definitions for Brian Forsythe and Ronnie Younkins) Delicious guitar sandwich. Most songwriting done by bassist, Donnie Purnell, who is no longer with Kix. The band's original members are Steve Whiteman (vocals), Donnie Purnell (bass), Jimmy Chalfant (drums), Brian Forsythe (lead, rhythm guitar), and Ronnie Younkins (rhythm, lead guitar). Other members include: Donnie Spence, Brad Divens, Mark Schenker (current bassist), Pat DeMent, and Jimi K. Bones. Kix started in 1977 when Guitarist, Ronnie Younkins met up with Brian Forsythe in a 7-eleven and asked him to join his and Donnie Purnell's band. They made a few great albums (Kix, Cool Kids, Midnite Dynamite, Blow My Fuse, Hot Wire and Show Business) before in 1996, they stopped. Without guitarist, Brian Forsythe (who had left to do some work with Faster Pussycat's bassist, Eric Stacy in L.A.) the band fell apart. In 2003, the band started up again with new bassist, Mark Schenker. (Donnie Purnell became too bitter and no one wanted to deal with him.) The band still continues today and is still the best band ever.
Kix is my favorite band! They are amazing! Brian Forsythe and Ronnie Younkins are my favorite guitar duo!
by Les Paul Special February 12, 2021
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codename for sex used by my girlfriend and i.
-"Wow, im so tired. i ate a lotta kix last night. hehehe."
-"really now?" *wink*
by Shades January 28, 2005
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Rock music that is "kid-tested, mother approved."

Generally bands that have power chords, somewhat raspy vocals, but lyrical content that appeals to all ages and doesn't scare away mothers or bore their teenage children.

Examples: Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Train, Vertical Horizon,Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic.

Hipsters hate this music, and this music hates hipsters.
Gotta love kix rock, you can listen to it and even the most paranoid mother won't flip out at you.
by Downvoting Victim August 21, 2012
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