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A.) The state of being cooler than cool. More awesome than words can describe. uber-coolness to the max.

B.) The act of being a Kiwi. Green on the inside, Brown and fuzzy on the outside. Sweet when ripe, tart when...not ripe.

C.) Unique, one-of-a-kind, irreplacable and of course delicious.

D.) A phrase used to describe a person who appears un-assuming on the outside, but inside is beautiful, interesting and super sweet. The person demonstrating Kiwiness displays acts of intimidation and attempts to scare people off with their dismissing and often frightening facial expressions. The person displaying Kiwiness can be harsh and cynical at first, but once you break through the tough outer skin, it is found that the interior is sweet and overwhelmingly perfect.
A.) Guy 1: "Look at him! Dayum I wish I was that cool..."
Guy 2: "Yeah, his name is Ryan... His kiwiness makes me so jealous."

B.) Chef: "I will now slice open this delicious Kiwi and use it in my award-winning recipe about Kiwiness..."

C.) Girl 1: "OMG, Ryan's Kiwiness is sooooo hott!"
Girl 2: "I know right! I wanna date him sooooo bad!"
Girl 3: "You don't have a chance, he's way too good for you. You have to be reallyyyyyy special to date him."

D.) Dani: "So the first day I met Ryan, he scared me so bad that I actually screamed in class. But now he's my best friend in the whole world, even if I do feel inadequate becasue of his extreme Kiwiness."
by bigdreamer424 May 28, 2010
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