When someone looks more attractive in pictures than they do in real life, to the point where you doubt its the same person.
She's gorgeous on Instagram but shes a kittenfish.
by Thatgirlbutnotjess October 8, 2016
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Making yourself seem way different than you actually are on online dating websites. Examples would be using photos from a long time ago, exaggerating your skills, talents, hobbies, etc.
The girl's profile picture was from like 10 years ago. Trust me...she doesn't look anything like that these days. Do these people realize how wrong and dishonest this type of kittenfishing is? What a waste of my time.
by PaulyWalnutsNY July 3, 2017
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A practice used in online dating where an accurate image of oneself is not conveyed through pictures. This is done primarily by:

Exclusion- excluding photos that clearly show what you look like between your feet and shoulders. (all headshots).

Old pictures-pictures that are old when you were younger and in better shape or when one did not have children.

Filters-blurring and skin smoothing.

Camera angles such as high overhead shots.

Color washing - wearing black against a black background or adjusting the brightness to hide facial details.

Crowd hiding- being in a group picture wedged closely between two other people.

Sliming or body shaping undergarments-wearing spanx or girdles.
I met a girl online when I showed up on our first date she was clearly several years older and 30 lbs heavier than her pictures led me to believe. I knew immediately she was kittenfishing but to avoid an awkward situation I still continued the date that ended up costing $120 and about 10 hours of my life between communicating talking on the phone and the date.
by Webster Jaxburt April 25, 2022
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Stupid "new word" for online use to describe a less exaggerated way of lying than Catfishing. .
ORIGINALLY known as a WHITE LIE. We don't have to come up with new meanings and names for things all the time.

It sounds more like the act of a pedophile on the hunt.
He said he was 6 feet tall but really was only 5'7", he is totally Kittenfishing..
Which is also a white lie... deeerp
by ShoomooCraz June 6, 2022
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