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The author of the popular manga series "Naruto". Beloved and worshipped by many Narutards for his manga / anime Naruto, however he's heavily criticized by Narutards for killing off many of their favorite characters in Part 2 and was forced to "revive" them with his infamous "plot no jutsu" after receiving many death threats from Narutards.
During Part 1 Naruto
Narutard#1: Masashi Kishimoto sama is a god! Naruto is the best manga ever!!
Narutard#2: I Agree!

*Part 2 Naruto*
Narutard#1: Omg did you see how Sasuke survived against Deidara's explosion? When will Kishi stop sucking Sasuke's dick?

Narutard#2: If Kishimoto dares to kill of Hinata and Kakashi I'll stop watching Naruto, buy a plane ticket to Japan and slit his throat!

Normal Naruto readers: .....

Kishimoti is also a victim of Narutards, not only normal Naruto readers.
by mangareader July 13, 2009
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