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Kirstans are smart, witty and extremely ironic when they choose to be... They are born with heightened artistic abilities and have a refined eye for color schemes and patterns. Kirstans love to talk and they always give true and caring advice straight from the heart; even though it may not be what you wish to hear. They tend to feel the stresses of the world and have a strong collective energy field surrounding them. As a result of this, Kirstans have a high level of spirituality. Kirstans make great friends because they almost always see things from a positive vantage point and are funny as hell. One note of WARNING!!! Drink any hot beverage at your own risk in the company of a Kirstan... she may have you blowing it right back out through your nose.
Oh wow! Your outfit has a Kirstan flair to it!
by AmaniPaz February 04, 2010
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An educated, effervescent, elusive and enigmatic woman. They tend to have a positive attitude and are disinterested in those without. Also tend to be pretty, tall (primarily due to heals) and thin in stature with thick blond hair. Due to their elusivity, it is a difficult to win their attention and affection. Once one does manage to acquire their interest, the rewards are great.
YO, Check out that chick over there, I talked to her the other day at the bistro, and she is definitely a Kirstan
by Peonies June 14, 2013
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