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... a uncommonly attractive lion of a man. Often found booty grabbing, taming wild animals, and eating grilled cheese. Best enjoyed as boyfriend, but its fun to pretend you just met him.
I was walking through the grocery store Tuesday, when I was blindsided by a Kinzer. It caught me off-gaurd, needless to say we bought chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
by Dolores Smith October 04, 2007
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n. One who enjoys, engages in, or has an interest in acts involving santorum. See santorum. After KS state representative Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe). From the M. Ger. kinz ("hamfisted") + zero ("loser"), from M. Eng. kah (archaic "dirty sanchez") + inzer ("to insert hamfist"), from O. Eng. kaents (interj. "major putz").
That is the most santorum-gobbling Kinzer I ever did see.
by specialagentdalecooper February 20, 2008
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