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A beautiful girl who constantly is fighting with herself mentally, but remains strong in front of people. She is an amazing friend and is funny, and very caring. NEVER let a Kinsley go! She will stay by your side forever and stand up to you in front of anyone.
"Kinsley, you can do this. I believe in you and I love you."
by cgb December 27, 2016
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Kinsley is an amazing women who fights herself mentally but is drop dead gorgeous she is passionate about her opinions and beliefs She sees the good and ignores it for others kinsley knows what she wants but usually never gets it basically kinsley is that one girl who u need and want to be in ur life but if u lose her u better consider her gone
If you meet a kinsley make her yours because everyone needs a kinsley
by Kikibirdkins0210 May 24, 2017
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Might as well same AMAZING!! It means one gorgeous bitch brought down from heaven! It's someone who's an amazing friend and will never let you down. Cherish having someone like this!
If you see a Kinsley walking down the street, marry her! <3
by poopnugget143 June 27, 2011
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A girl who is always smiling and happy and makes your day better. She is very Georges
Guy:She is MINE. Guy:No she is mine. Kinsley:No u both can have me
by Lancelokeakinsley May 22, 2017
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The worlds best guy. He loves vines, and playing games like fortnite and rainbow six siege. He is the worlds best bf a girl could ever have. He is there to listen to her rant about anything and everything. He doesn't ask for nudes like most of the other guys out there. He is way too nice. Even though his gf doesnt have a nice ass, nice tits, and isn't very good looking he still loves her because he isn't about looks. What he really cares about is personality. If you ever date Kinsley, keep him as long as you can.
Kinsley is my best friend!
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( see also HELL)!Another word for k-town. Nothin but a bunch of drunk hilbilly's. Nothin to do. Nothin to see. always wonderin whos cheatin who..and whos bein true. haha
I reckin I oughta go to Kinsley and do a whole lota nuttin!
by Dont u want to know July 18, 2008
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