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The bathroom stall which is designated for handicapped people. It is usually much larger than the other other stalls in the bathroom.
Steve: Jackpot! No one is on the Kings Throne, and I've had to shit since 2nd Period French.
by jackpotx3432 April 27, 2010
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The seat that's in the middle of the row of 5 seats at the very back of the bus. Those who sit in the King's Throne are entitled to one command that anybody who is standing while riding the bus must perform. The person chosen and the command are the King's choice. The two seats next to the King's Throne are for his Queens, and the two next to those seats are for his bitches.
Cool, I'm sitting in the King's Throne...You, do a bus flip!
by Larry Utley September 05, 2010
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A toilet seat that is warm to the touch when you sit on it. It's as if you are the King and it was pre-warmed for you.
I went to crap at work the other day and came across a King's Throne, yuck!
by Brettuss March 14, 2013
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