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Kingersplash aka Dan King is a person who is most often seen in a state of anger usually related to alcohol. He also will resort to slapping people in the face with slabs of cooked or uncooked meat over the smallest issue. Kinersplash also has been known to chase women who prefer their high school aged boyfriends over him.
Kingersplash slapped Jason in the face with a steak.
by Oliver February 05, 2005
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the illest motha fucka this side of the mississippi he beats people up just b/c he feels like it, he slaps people with meat, but i have to agree he isn't to good with the ladies.... and oh yeah he is really good at writing hit records for example the pregnant girl song, Lil Jimmy crapped his pants, A.I.D.S.
yo did u see kingersplash the otehr day run over that alligator in his jeep
by kinger splash February 22, 2005
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