definition of amazing, sick, ill, legit, cool, great, phenomenal, outstanding, all in one.
"I went to a BBQ this weekend, it was fucking king bro"
by montrealguy1983 August 13, 2012
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Verb: i.e.: To pull a King.

To lose one's sense of self control over the smallest, pettiest, things. The most common presentation of Kinging is falling into a blind rage, signified by heavy breathing and fist clenching, almost certainly leading to violence.
"You should have seen it. This guy just barely grazed against Matt's leather jacket..."
"And he want all King on him?"
"Yeah, we thought he was going to kill him."
by The Atomic Punk September 12, 2009
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Drinking game that centers itself around someone pulling the 4th king. 2 or more people. The larger the group the better, each person sits around and takes 1 card at a time. Each card, someone has to drink something, cards will be listed in the example. If you pull a king, you must poor a portion of the drink you are drinking into the "Center Cup", the person who pulls the 4th king has to drink it all.
A-waterfall(person starts drinking, and the person to the left has to continue to drink until that person is done, and it goes full circle, basically the last person is screwed)
kings-pour shot in big cup
Q- all girls drink
J- all boys drink
10-Thumb Master(everytime this person puts his thumb on the table, everyone else has to, last person to do this, takes a drink)
9-Rhyme (make up a sentence and the next person has to have the last word rhyme, person who messes up has to drink)
8-categories (cars, movies, sports teams, make-up etc)
7-Rules (you get to make a drinking rule, my favorite consists of "pointing" or "cussing" because people do that all the time, its really funny when you point at someone and cuss at them, and then cuss because you have to drink for that, then drink some more)
6-2 people to your left drink
5-2 people to your right drink
4-pass out 2 drinks
3-pass out 2 drinks
2-social (everyone drink)
by Joel Cuthbert October 19, 2005
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Something great. See also "King Hussein" and "Oodly-do-do-sane".
"That wheelie was king"
by Evildix October 28, 2004
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An old school character from the Tekken series, he has been in every single one. It's that guy wearing a Jaguar Mask. He is a wrestler and is inspired by the Mexican Luchadores, with highflying techniques and power moves.
Kings Rolling Death Cradle is pretty damn tight
by Decca May 14, 2005
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Musical Artist, Author, Brand. Known for high quality beats, sick lyrics, and custom speakers.
"King Craig James" Albums: Grandiose, I Am SINS, Wonder Years, and Ignore me.
That track called, "Dedication" was King Craig James! "Yeah, that's "King"
via giphy
by KCJ.TODAY August 03, 2016
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The one all the girl's love, The man all the girls want to have a baby with.
Body on point, booty on point, you just want to fuck him.
fuck me king
by xxFootball08xx December 29, 2016
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