A childhood game where kids climb a pile of snow and try to be the only person standing on top. Kids push each other down the snow pile and tries to get to the top to push the "King" off so they can be the new king.. until someone pushes them off. Quite dangerous. Many injuries may occur, depending on icyness of snow pile and violence level of children participating.
"Krista, come outside, hurry! The neighborhood kids are playing King of the Mountain!"

"I got a bloody nose playing King of the Mountain. Totally worth it."
by straightupBA February 9, 2010
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Dáin II Ironfoot
After Thorin, Fili and Kili have died, Thorin's cousin Dáin II Ironfoot of the iron hills becomes king of Duran's folk, otherwise known as king under the mountain.
by justaman June 5, 2017
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Having sex in a cable car/gondola while going up/or between mountains to ski.
dude, i got king of the mountain today,
sick bro, where did you pick that chick up?
by King of the peak 2 peak April 11, 2011
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kings mountain is a town where 90% of the kids are cousins, even if they have no aunts or uncles.
a daily kings mountain conversation:
friend 1: dude i just found out my bf is my cousin
friend 2: really? how are you cousins?
friend 1: my moms uncle is his dads cousins brothers cousins uncle
friend 2: riiiight....
friend 1: confusing i know but im gunna keep dating him anyway because hes HOT!
by airbear January 22, 2006
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Someone who believes that they are at the top of the pecking order, when in reality, they aren't, and the pecking order they think they're top of is also shit.
John thinks he's the best chessplayer in the club. Isn't he just King Shit of Turd Mountain.
by P.S. Taker July 23, 2011
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An ironic, white collar phrase best used at the most inappropriate time possible to emphasize how effective you are at beating the corporate bureaucracy. Will simultaneously impress and threaten your fellow coworkers, be they management consultants, lawyers, or investment bankers.

Setting: Office war room on the eve of a major consulting client presentation.

White guy one: Does that discounted cash flow model have a macro coded for…

White guy two: Does it have a macro? Are you fucking kidding me?!? I am King Shit of Fuck Mountain. That Excel spreadsheet would suck my cock at the stroke of a key if I told it to. It’s got a macro for your mom for Christ sake!
by gelf February 21, 2009
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1. a: when describing one's self, it is the highest ranking preeminent position over the tallest mountain known to mankind, Fuck Mountain. It certifies one's status and/or authority as being top notch and above all others.

b. when describing another individual, it is a derogatory term to describe the highest ranking preeminent position over a worthless imaginary mountain that no one else gives a fuck about except said individual, Fuck Mountain. It certifies said individual's status and/or authority as being pompous, somewhat obnoxious, and disingenuous.

Carl: "Dude, you play disc golf like a fagbot."
Roy: "You can't talk to me like that; I'm King Shit of Fuck Mountain."


Henry: "I just demolished this lame at air hockey, like a sir."
Merle: "Eat a bag of gorilla dicks; no one cares, King Shit of Fuck Mountain."
by HONKYSAUCE September 9, 2013
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