The current king of simps is Comly. His son named “little Bart” is next in line. The king of simps is the leader of all simps
Wow that Isaac kid must be the king of simps.
by Little bart November 27, 2019
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King of Simping
The absolute king of simping. The absolute god of simping.

A male overly catering to the exaggerated emotions of a woman.

A man saying things to a woman he does not believe but only saying them because he thinks that she wants to hear them.
"Chevrolindo is the King of Simping, he simps so much its outrageous."
by veIocity March 15, 2020
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an Owen who crowns himself as being predominantly more important than all other simps and recommend all persons of the opposite sex to pleasure him
"Owen the King of Simps is remarkable"

by Timberland Boot February 10, 2020
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A guy who attends to his girls every need and tries to be as gentlemanly as possible. He will also protect her at all costs. This term is usually reserved for guys who are already in a relationship and tries to be the best boyfriend possible. A King Simp also treats his Girlfriend with the utmost respect and will treat her like a true gentleman. Traits of a King Simp can also be similar to a chivalrous man.
Person 1: Yo bro, you such a crazy good boyfriend for your girl?
Person 2: To be honest, I don't know.
Person 1: Well from what I can see, you a King Simp.
by runinPICKLE69 November 2, 2020
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The King of Simps was the first to fall and ultimately decides the fate of other Simps.
All hail King Devin! King of the Simps and Simp City who will lead us to the holy land!
by Pizza Time!!! January 16, 2020
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A mega simp. A man who turns his back on his children or child for a bitch. King of all simps basically. See definition simp for more info.
by I pad pro ussr February 22, 2021
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