The act of receiving oral sex, while eating a cheeseburger, while performing an upper decker.
I was at a party last weekend and got so drunk I convinced a chick to king me in the master bathroom.
by sanfred August 19, 2010
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Commanding another to boss them or perform oral sex on them.
Hey just king me

What are you waiting for king me already!
by FavreFavreAway May 22, 2010
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"Manchester United is a far better football club than Liverpool ever will be".

"Yeah, who has more Premierships? King me."
by Jenny Tulls. September 25, 2008
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The phrase used to call dibs on an attractive female in a workplace; without having to worry about a sexual harassment suit.

To be used only when in a group.

The phrase is expected to be spoken with enough volume, so that all concerned parties, including the person being reserved, can hear that "King Me" is in effect.

Once King Me is in affect someone, it stays in affect for 24 hours, or until it makes sense for someone else to call it.

During the 24 hour window that King Me is in affect; only the person who called King Me can enter into any sexual contact of any sort with the female in concern.

Nobody can tell the attractive females about the game (punishable by death)

If the female knows about the game; you have no idea what she's talking about and your group was talking about a game of checkers.

If attractive females are traveling in a flock; which they often do, you can and SHOULD call King Me on the whole group.
"KING ME!!!!" said the dude who saw the hott chick.

Dude!!! Me and Bob just got back from the chow hall and the PX and Bob King Me-ed like 5 bitches.
by RECON G.I. July 09, 2010
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