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A concious being which lives with, and adapts it's self to the enviroment in which it lives. Often Alien to its enviroment, it picks, and excels/magnifies far beyond the origional purpose, which traits are benafitial in the beings around it. These being varry greatly, the only ties between them is the fact that all, "Kimzey" beings choose "Sexual" practices as one of there traits to excel in as to further the race ( they are hard to define from other organisms because of there veriety in features/traits, and they can't be clasified as a species because they can mutate DNA, and procreate with any organismn( continueing The web of "Kimzey"'s throughout the many multiverses ))

Because they all choose to excel in the most benaficial beings sexual habits, they tend to have bigger, or smaller sexual organs, which ever is more attractive/impresive to the opposite sex. Because of this, people of earth have begun to use it as a slang term for a man with a large, or over average sized penis and/or balls. It less used, but used, also as a term fore someone abnormally skilled in some way.

It is suspected that at least one inhabits the planet Earth. There really isn't alot known about them, but there are ledgends that have been iterperated as saying they have psychic, or godly powers.

" How is that possable! Hmn... I wonder if he could be a Kimzey"

" She licked his balls than finally after seing his enormous penis said in amazement," My god, your dick is huge! Are you a Kimzey?"

" GO! GO! YOUR A FRICKEN KIMZEY!" Said Jon as Stevan ran for a touchdown.

Sergent Leo said in a concerned fasion," Sir, we think it might be a kimzey."

Dawn blushed," Yes... He was a Kimzey in bed." and many of them giggled.

by ERROR-1221115 June 10, 2008
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