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Kimone is someone who you get along with so well and you will make the best memories with them. She is someone who will always be there for you no matter what and will always have your back and tell you the truth no matter how hurtful it can be. She is hilarious and caring and beautiful. She cares for her family and friends so much she'll do anything for them. She's the kind of person who is always happy and smiling through what ever situation. You'll love her so much and she will equally love you the same. She is just plain awesome and amazingly beautiful. You'll love her from the moment you meet her.
I have the best time with Kimone, she makes everything better.
by aslovelyasyou May 16, 2011
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Kimone is sophisticated, alluring, charming & talented. She is definately not your average girl. She is genuine in everything she does. Her loyalty is phenomenal and you never have to doubt her. Kimone's kindness inspires others to do good things. Kimone is not weak though. She is a strong independent girl who can get herself through anything she sets her mind to. She is hilarious! She LOVES to laugh and she knows just how to make other people laugh :). She tends to be random at times...really random. But she knows when to be serious. Kimone has been told by many that her advice changes the way they look at life. Kimone has a very bubbly personality that makes anyone comfortable talking with her. She also has beauty, A nice figure with gorgeous hair and sparkling eyes. When she smiles, it lights up a whole room. Her intelligence is also above average. She is able to learn quickly and apply. Kimone has many good personality traits, but she is not self-conceited. Everyone needs a Kimone in their life.
I want to be a Kimone !
by Chris_lee June 17, 2018
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