Usually used in terms of something dying, or a big trend that ends.
Person 1: hey, 2! Did you hear about club penguin?
Person 2: what happened?
Person 1: Club penguin is kil.
by Falcondescribed July 20, 2020
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New Zealand slang, used as an informal term of address in a casual conversation.
After a night out:
"Is that us kil, home time?"
"Yeah kil, I'm ready for bed."
by Nui Te Raaaks September 11, 2019
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Kil is a mega swag Guy, He loves Animal crossing and is very loyal. He enjoys spending time with his partner and is a really fun guy. Mega hot too
Rosalie: damn, Kil. You're so swag!!!!
by kil_the_skittle February 15, 2021
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No Overtaking, Keep in Lane

Motorway advisory sign, especially where road works are present.
Motorway roadworks ahead, slow down, NO KIL!
by kunj July 26, 2008
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the cutest person in existence, they are so amazing and its just.. gives you tons of serotonin when it talks to you. its an amazing person, and whenever you see them, you should cherish and literally just ,, love them. they are an idiot, but an idiot that you'll just .. love . its ,, beyond just amazing and if you meet it .. you should love them , like i do . <3
by keiji ! May 9, 2021
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