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Kikuo is a Vocaloid producer famous for creating songs with upbeat music and morbid lyrics, but more recently he has started experimenting with more dubstep styled songs with the same kind of dark lyrics. He tends to prefer using the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku but has recently used IA. He has also created the demo songs for Tone Rion, Anri Rune, and Hatsune Miku V3. Kikuo's 5 albums are KikuoMiku, KIKUOWORLD, KikuoMiku 2, KIKUOWORLD2, and Kikuo Miku 3. Some of his most famous songs are Boku wo Sonna Me de Minaide (Don't Look at Me in That Way), Gomen Ne Gomen Ne (I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry), Warui Koto wa Shicha Ikenai yo (We Should Not Do Bad Things), Mono wo Parapara Kowasu (Breaking Things into Pieces), Koufuku na Shi wo (A Happy Death), Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho (Reincarnation Ascension), and Kimi wa Dekinai Ko (You're a Useless Child).
Kikuo is considered to be a part of the Alternative genre. Si_ku has helped create many of his music videos.
That Kikuo song made me feel things... lots of things...
by IShouldBeStudying February 09, 2014
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