The act of hanging out with an overall contentment in mood.
We had time to kill so we were just kickin' it before the party.
by Heathward Jay March 25, 2011
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When you hear great mad tunage and you can't help to rock it hard, you are kickin' to the jams.
Man, that tunage is bad to the bone, it's kickin', kick!
by madinsomniac December 20, 2010
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to hang out with someone
to chill
ima be kickin it with jazzy tonight
by Jazz-e September 12, 2006
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hangin out, doing nothing, doing anything....
We were kickin' it.
by Max October 31, 2003
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Those shoes are kickin'! That is a very kickin' shirt.
by Ant.Fray. September 16, 2011
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when you and someone you enjoy spend time together. it could start off as just talking and end up making out.

someone says something stupid or does something to you knowingly.
Tray: “Yo me and Danice was kickin it last night.”
Jayden: “Yo did you smash or what?”
Tray: Naw we just talked and chilled for the most part.”

Brian: “Aye Danice, you was fucking on yo ex last night from what I heard.”
Danice: “Shut yo bitch ass up! You straight kickin it!”
by danicedagodde$$ December 19, 2018
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