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when you and someone you enjoy spend time together. it could start off as just talking and end up making out.

someone says something stupid or does something to you knowingly.
Tray: “Yo me and Danice was kickin it last night.”
Jayden: “Yo did you smash or what?”
Tray: Naw we just talked and chilled for the most part.”

Brian: “Aye Danice, you was fucking on yo ex last night from what I heard.”
Danice: “Shut yo bitch ass up! You straight kickin it!”
by danicedagodde$$ December 18, 2018
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sara: so wut u up to?
paul: just kickin it.

makin out:
susie: so have u kicked it wit him yet?
katie: yup. =)
by no comment April 29, 2003
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