1) Something that is beyond being massive
2) A object/body astronomically immense in its magnitude
3) Fucking B-I-G !!!!
Daryl's Chode is MAHOOSIVE

Man My Man Bits are Mahoosive!! :)
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
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Tom, your stomach is so large, i could even call it mahoosive!

Daryl told Jenny his penis was Mahoosive... He lied. It was just large.
by Namewastaken December 3, 2010
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An abnormally large amount
Ben loves katelyn a mahoosive amount’
by Heart heart heart November 4, 2022
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Massive, but larger.
That is a mahoosive rat, even a rahoosive
by Pickerisms Scholar June 25, 2015
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It just means really massive; The HOO in mahoosive is representative of the OOF noise when you're like WOAH.
My dad is 6 foot 5. My Daddy is about the same. Combined they'd be mahoosive, said Ling Ling Brown.
by Humdogg April 26, 2018
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