n. Not your average Philly nigga relationship wise.

f. The loyal, faithful, trustworthy, loving, caring Philly nigga.

v. The loyal one in Philly.
Your soo loyal, faithful, trustworthy, loving and a caring Philly nigga, I'm so happy your khalif.

If you want to be khalif, you gotta be the loyal one in Philly.

Your not an average Philly nigga relationship wise, why can't everybody be khalif?
by Alleem Jabbar katu March 13, 2017
A very cute boy. Who gets a lot of girls and is a very athletic boy. Khalif have full curiosity and is very special. He’ll keep a relationship going for like 1 or 2 Years. He is kind and generous.
Oh lord, Khalif is hot
by Khalif Vaughan March 14, 2018
Khalif (ku·lef)

n. slang for marijuana

v. someone who is under the influence of marijuana
as a noun:

"Yo bra, you got dat khalif?"
"yeah man, look, that khalif shit right hurr"

as a verb:

"ayy whatchyu doin' Brian?"
"huh? oh he's just khalifin man.."
by Jack Meoph April 25, 2008
James Khalife is a boy with a kind heart and a clear mind. A lady's man who attracts anyone who has good taste. Loves playing video games and spamming people with the snapchat sticker 'Celebrate Black History'. Is known to constantly ask for huggy wuggies and say 'yeah epic' to avoid awkward, crushing silences.
Woah James Khalife is so cool. I wish I was friends with him.

I heard James Khalife say time flies by in the yellow and green. he's so wise!
by hiya im benny boo March 11, 2019
Khalif Omar is a common somali name, a Khalif Omar is a man that is quite slow, fat and turns like a truck
Get out of my team you're playing like a khalif omar
by KaranGang October 2, 2020
To sit and wait for someone
As Robyn Crawford mention on the Wendy Williams show; her and Whitney Houston was going down to the studio and “Squat Like Khalif” for Wendy Williams when she came out and confront her about all of negative comments about them on her radio show.
by MQGYVER November 13, 2019