Keziah's are known for being very smart, sweet, and really pretty. They don't like letting their family or friends down. They are very unforgettable and can be shy at times. They also love to smile and like other people to be happy!
Dude! did you see that girl.. she must be a Keziah!
by litlife2 December 3, 2016
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Blessing. A great reminder of how beautiful life can be despite the mess and uncertainties
Predicaments have made me wander the past months, but having her is the greatest Keziah I can ever ask for
by NnebBayn September 7, 2021
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A very amazing, funny, and beautiful girl who deserves the universe
by acetheli April 22, 2019
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A Keziah is a quiet and awkward person who loves to sing. Always a very kind and giving person who enjoys spending time with friends. There is no keziah exactly the same but they all are extremely beautiful
"Damn she's cute, probably called Keziah"
by BigBobBill July 7, 2019
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Keziah is a girl who you can't just summarize. She's wider than the universe, deeper than the ocean, too kind for her own good, and she's wiser than she thinks she is. Plus, she doesn't know how beautifully she was created by God and how she shines the brightest when she does the things she loves. Keziah is unique and endearing. She loves deeply and differently. She's shy and had an introverted side, but she loves her friends even though they don't spend time. She might have many flaws and downfalls, but she has a God that will not let her stumble. She has the will to try again and forgive herself even when it's hard for her. Keziah knows her faults and capability, and she knows her worth for the things she couldn't attain due to her shortcomings.

If you get to notice or see a Keziah, please don't judge her but try to know her. She's more than a beautiful face and she has that elegant grace. She has a kind heart, a sharp mind, and a lovely soul. Please don't scar her or let her go.
"Oh, she's way more than I think she is, she's indeed a Keziah! Such a deep soul."

"Wow. I think she took my breath away. Is she a Keziah? I would love her to look at my way..."

"What a beauty! Are you my Keziah?"
by Himaroe November 23, 2021
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A femine name of "daughther of job". A hebrew name commenly used describing south london "dons". if described as keziah you are known for being "greezi" or a really sexy blonde.
Arr shes somee keziah with her boom blonde hair and imaculate back off.
by JHEEZE23 January 13, 2010
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Keziah is beautiful girl with an intense love for arts! She loves music and is incredibly talented! There’s absolutely nothing she can’t do! Often misjudged, you’ll find out how pure and beautiful her soul is when you get to know her. Despite all her struggles, she’s destined to be a great woman. You better get you a Keziah cos she’ll always be there when you need her most.
Oh boy! How I wish I had a Keziah in my life!
by strdusttt November 24, 2021
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