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Coined by Alvin Hua based on the "legendary" Kevin Tran of Oxford's Class of 2017, it is to be very clumsy when it comes to playing sports in P.E., thus getting stupidly hit in the face or in the balls by an actual ball.

2nd definition: to be ridiculously infuriated to the point of everyone else finding it hilariously comical that you're hella mad
Hahahahaha you just got Kevin'd! XD
by Kevingotnojams October 14, 2014
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When the word "lie" just isn't enough to describe it
Getting kevin'd will follow with a long line of JOJOJOJOJ and a high pitched squeal that pigs envy
Person 1: Hey look at this new video on spankwire, its about TA."
Person 2: Wait this is Justin Bieber.
by A troubled Luong October 28, 2010
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1. To be completely and utterly destroyed. A domination to the extreme degree. To seriously hurt an item of personal value, animate or inanimate (i.e. pet or object)

2. To be pwned by any character Kevin Bacon played in any of his movies
Man #1 gets hit with a baseball bat and dies

Man #2: Holy shit, he was just Kevin'd!


(Anything that Nick Hume did in Death Sentence)
by Nivekeryas January 03, 2010
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