same as teabagging, only a women on her period squats on your face leaving a bloddy sign of her victory.
dude..last night my gf and me had a fight and i woke up while she was ketchuping was not cool
by vicious panda September 6, 2008
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A word to describe when a woman is on her period or menstrual cycle and therefore unable to have sexual intercourse in a clean and respectful manner.
Dude, I couldn't nail Wanda cuz she was ketchuping tonight! I'll have to wait until next week.
by simsleezy September 15, 2007
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When a woman sucks your dick, and when you finish starts smacking the back of your nuts as if you are an almost-empty ketchup bottle.
"DUDE my nuts are soooo bruised from last night"
"Why?! What happened? Blue balls?"
"Nah man, I got ketchuped"
by Dumbass_Freshman February 24, 2014
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The red zone of a tachometer. redline The act of redlining an engine.
To get through this mud bog, we’re gonna have to give her the ketchup.

Don’t be afraid to give her the ketchup.
by Noonan April 25, 2020
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a euphemism for ecstasy, for talking about it in public
there's no real reason why the word ketchup is just works because it's common and something you ingest
Nightming: i think i had too much ketchup
Jonalina Hunnybuns: no such thing as too much
by jonalina March 10, 2009
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