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a real woman thats got her money right and is ahead of the game she knows how to hold her own and never ever lets anyone talk down on her and wherever she goes shes well respected shes an independent female and anything she wants in life she achieves she always aims high and reaches for greater things her standards are high and never lowers them for any man her style is classy and sophisticated and always got her hair and nails on point, no bitch can compare to a REAL Boss Chick.
boss chick: how much for this bag
boss chick: great ill take one in every color.
by therealtruthh August 07, 2012
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when a gurl is in charge of her man (men)
and makes the money... she often takes no bull and will fight some otha chick in a minute...
hater: i dont like her
haters friend : dont mess wit her... she is a boss chick
by booskie_131 February 28, 2009
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