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The best guy in the best guy in the world. He has two sides. A serious side and then a Playful side. He knows how to Mindfuck the hell out of you. He is like the bestest. Funny , Glamourous, Crazy, and Beautiful All around. If You Get on his bad side most likely not getting back on his good side. He Holds down the fort and makes sure things get done his way. Doesn't wanna hear no shit, Get what you need to be done. He hates liars and people that cuss. Be a Real Nigga all you gotta do.
by Matthew Rodriguez October 08, 2013
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The most beautiful Nobody Out there, When a person 1st sees him they think its love at 1st sight, his lips cast an enchantment on you at first gaze. He tends to hide his beautiful dark eyes with colored contacts, yet he knows nothing of what his natural beauty provides the world with. He tends to look back at the past alot which causes him his downfalls, but always manages to love and forgive again. He doesnt seem to realize how affectionate he is until somebody points it out and always seems to anger. His soul was said to be a gift from the heavens, he has fire in his soul and it is easy to tell how anyone who loves him has the devil dragged out of them. It has been said he is better then a god, this was proven when he found his "Fading Memory". In the prophecy it said he will be the ruler of KH and bring on the golden age of K-blade. Even if keron is always smiling dont be fooled because he always hides his emotions, he is a sensitive person yet so strong, try not to ever hurt keron because he will hurt you back twice as much. Keron seems to love boots and having his hair died, never eats white rice and is very skinny, dark skinned, beautiful dark eyes and short thick hair, he is tall and has an amazing almost gothic style, the is only on of a kind Keron, he is the original most unique beautiful man you will find.
Oh Keron embrace me with your love once again.
by Memoryy February 05, 2012
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Chav/Gypsy slang similar to "fuck off" and "jog on". Saying it to sombody generally gives off the impression that you want them to go away.
"Ker on."
by Soul Whacked August 18, 2009
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