A nickname for someone named Craig. Probably the sexiest man on the planet. Beware, he may ask for nudes from you and your nana.
“Who’s this man texting me and asking for nudes?”
“It’s probably Kerg. He’s soooo hot!”
by bigfatpp July 28, 2019
To be awkwardly and annoyingly pretentious and informative. Completely unnescessary and overly dramatic with an unwarranted superiority complex.
Dave: Why is he telling me this?

Matt: Because he is a Kerg, just nod and smile.
by The Greasy Italians June 21, 2011
somebody younger than you who believes that they are 'cool' and therefore feels that they are able to follow you and copy you.
Oh my God Amiee, your little sister is such a kerg
by Katie louise x December 16, 2007