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Someone with great potential. They are always willing to help, but will sometimes hide their feelings. They don’t like to admit how beautiful they are or how great they are, but will give others sweet and positive complements when they’re in a good mood. They have a pure heart full of joy and beauty. People around them always feel better when Kenzington talks and/or smiles. People can’t help but feel so much joy from their amazing and uplifting spirit. Kenzington is truly a blessing in everyone’s lives that they meet.
Kenzington has brought me so much love and Joy!
by Forever can’t never end December 30, 2018
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Kenzingtons are sweet, amazing, and outgoing girls! They are great friends, and will always be there for you. If you ever need anything they will help you! They may not be the brightest at times, but they always figure things out...eventually. If you ever find a kenzington keep her cause you may not ever find another!!
Kenzington is my best friend
Kenzington is the best
by Bella Cole February 10, 2019
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