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Keny is a very sweet and caring girl but also beautiful and cute! She is very athletic and likes to help people, she is also very attractive to boys. She is a very loyal friend and has her friends back and defend them. She has a great personality and is mostly very joyful and smart.
I need Keny's help!
Keny is so beautiful!!
Keny is a great and loyal friend.
by Lilianawhereamat April 13, 2018
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Keny is a hawt athletic smart a little geeky and a terrible smooth talker but the ladies still love him
Kobe- dang I wish the girls liked me that way he is a keny
*keny walks by
Why thank you
by blah005 April 17, 2013
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The name is obviously spelled wrong which shows that his parents are immigrants and couldnt even spell kenny right.
Hey whats ur name?
by abctsw January 21, 2012
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