The classy establishment that has successfully combined a KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut under one roof. Thanks for the multicultural diarrhea Colonel Sanders!
I'll have the Popcorn Chicken Mexican Pizza from Kentacohut...thanks
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Ever wanted to see Kfc, Taco bell, and Pizza hut in one place? Welcome to Kentacohut where dreams come true!
Man I love Kentacohut even though it gave me atomic diarrhea more deadlier than godzilla's Atomic blast.
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Kentacohut is a name given to the merger of kfc, taco bell, and pizza hut to create one of the greatest eating establishments in all of connecticut. Started first in Cheshire C.T., this term has floated the hallways of many schools and is commonly used today as the un-offical name of this establishment.
me-hey kevin are we going to kentacohut friday?
kevin-yah let me make sure my mommy and dada will let me then we'll go, k?
by chug-a-lug house March 14, 2005
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