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The best place to go for a week in summer. Seriously. Regardless of whether you actually believe in god.
1.You can meet druggies. And satanists. And you can get drunk, and hook up with some other non-religious people.
2....or you can learn to accept christ as your savior.

Take your pick. Either way, bible camp is great.
Joe: So how was bible camp?"
Sue: "I learned how good god is!"
Mary: "I lost my virginity!"
by Vampire Ghost October 8, 2006
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A school is a hellhole that forces children and teenagers to close their minds and learn only what the government wants them to learn. A place where they deny children of hats, sunglasses or in extreme cases, chewing gum, and make them sit down for over 5 hours straight.
Since there's a bunch of different kids in a school, they generally piss each other off, and create groups that make fun of each other.
A school will tell you this: Include everyone! Don't include people who are bad! ...?
Schools have rules banning certain words... even though they're just words and don't even offend anybody.
Don't agree with the school? Go to a school councellor... good luck with that.

Kid and school councellor:
Councellor: You beat up another kid. Why?
8-year-old: Cause if I didn't he would have beat me up.
Councellor: That is not a good reason.
8-year-old: So you're saying we should all let ourselves get beat up?
Councellor: ...(hesitates)... um, I've seen this situation about 1000 times before, but I've never been able to solve it, I just do this cause of the money the government pays me.

by Vampire Ghost October 7, 2006
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1.Something kids in school do often when they forget to get their parents to sign something.

2.Something kids in school do often when they didn't forget but simply didn't want their parents to see something.

Often, they use a friend with good penmanship to do it for them.
Miranda forgot to get her parents to sign her field trip permission form, so she forged her mom's signature.

Lacey beat up Kyle, and she got a note sent home, which she didn't want her parents to see. She got Kyle to forge it instead.
by Vampire Ghost October 9, 2006
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Not Camp Appropriate, 3 words generally used by counsellors at bible camp to stop doing anything anti-christ.
kid: let's go smoke some weed by the 'jesus loves you' sign.
kid2: sure
counsellor: kids, that is NCA.
by Vampire Ghost October 8, 2006
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An invention of 5th graders playing truth or dare in the schoolyard
(10-year-olds in schoolyard)
Jess: Rob, I dare you to give Ed ...an anal bumrush!
(kids laugh)
Rob: What's an anal bumrush?
Tony: You decide.
Ed: I'm not looking forward to this.
Rob decides. End of story.
by Vampire Ghost October 9, 2006
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one of the five sexual orientations: gay, straight, bi, nun and emo.
Bob is gay, Jake is straight, Alex is bi, Lucy is a nun and Tyler is emo.
by Vampire Ghost October 8, 2006
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Kenny is a charecter on South Park. Wears a bright orange hoodie that covers most of his face. Talks in a muffled voice but you can ususally figure out most of what he is saying, but is perfectly understanded by his friends. Kenny comes from a poor family, and often takes his friends food. Kenny knows more about sex then all his friends put together, and his room is decorated with pictures of women in bikinis. Kenny without his hood has blonde hair, but his face has never been seen. Kenny dies in nearly every episode.
(Kenny McCormick dies)
Stan: Oh my god, they killed Kenny.
Kyle: You bastards!
by Vampire Ghost October 8, 2006
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