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Tribute to 16buttons of justice, 17levers of freedom is an awesome band consisting of an itallian keyboard player, whos name is italina keyboard player, extremerockerdude(on guitar) and Davy Rockit (on vocals) They are an incredibly awesome band playing music ranging from itallian nazi pop, (which the singer refuses to sing for because he is jewish) and ska-punk-grunge which the singer enjoys very much. Unfortunatly there are no animals playing in this tribute
"17levers of freedom is coming, we better freshin up for those sexy beasts, except that wierd keyboard guy with the mustache, hes a little strange"

"you know what your just one of them itallian nazis"-Davy Rockit

"huuuhhh CONCLUSION"

"a clue, bibles are in the library...hmmmm...wait a minute whats west a-see-a"-Davy Rockit "Dude that says west asisa"-Extremerockerdude
by n, mcbar May 6, 2005
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-awesome band on watermanstudios.com containing a racoon who they call racoon x espanosa, and a stoner who tehy call devon p farmer, together they are 16BUTTONS OF JUSTICS
"thats the show go go ga go"

"are those my gardening gloves?"

"ok now you pull the switch,...ok the plan worked"

"These carrots seem to have given me super powe-(cable snaps) oh god dammit!"
by n, mcbar May 6, 2005
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Character On South Park, a comedy central tv show. He wheres an orange parka that covers his entire face and muffles all his words, he never takes this parka off ever except for one quick second in the South Park Movie. Kenny is also very poor, his family has many welfair babies. Kenny is one of the four south park boys. In almost every episode up until the end of season five, Kenny dies, but then re-appears the next episode. In the 6th season of the tv show, he is dead for good, and its replaced by Butters. In the 7th season Kenny re-appears. Kenny is also the most perverted out of the four boys, he knows everything about sex and explains it to the boys, but ofcourse it is muffled. However the boys can understand kenny through his muffling coat, and they talk and interact with him. It is just harder for viewers like you and me to undertand him...
"Oh my god, they killed kenny!"-Kyle
"You Bastards!"-Stan

"mi mrlike merls werr b-ahhr mrr mree mri mrlike merls werr br-ahhrr mrittys"-Kenny (muffled)
by n, mcbar August 21, 2005
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