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An amazing personality. A Kennedie is adored by everyone. Many people are jealous of her smacking body. She doesn’t hold grudges against people. A Kennedie is very loyal. She is trust worthy. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She isn’t supposed to be handed down. She is EARNED. Once you break her she will re-gain he strength/love in time. Boys love her. Some girls hate her! At the end of the no one can top Kennedie!
Kennedie is so perfect!
by T.M.K June 09, 2018
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The absolute perfect girlfriend! Someone who is loyal and loves you with everything they have. They also have an attractive body that makes all of your friends jealous. Nothing beats Kennedie in the girlfriend department.
Kennedie is the best girlfriend you can have!
by First hand experience April 12, 2013
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