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Usually when you hear the word Kemi you are reminded of a girl/boy who is hardworking, good looking, intelligent, sophisticated, determined. Just like their name they stand out (for good reasons), they have a good sense of humour and can get away with anything because ofor their charm, they are very active and full of energy. They exceed in most areas and will get very far in life because of this. Just like a flower they're getting ready to show their true colours to the world and show hem what they are made of. They will definitely make a difference in the world.
That person has made such a difference, their name is probably Kemi.
by Soulsearcher1476 August 01, 2018
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A beautiful intelligent girl. Kemi is unique like her name and stands out from the crowd. Glamorous, sincere, creative, colorful, poised, talented, remarkable, amazingly witty, gorgeous, just the absolute best girl out!
you see that glamour? yeah she must be a kemi!
by ithinkiamamazinglysexy June 24, 2011
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Kemi is a pro tea spiller. If you piss her off she’ll snatch your weave. Kemi is also very funny . You should go follow her on insta @thegr8kemi #shamelessplug
Damn you’re such a Kemi!
by Thegr8kemi April 20, 2018
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