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A person made almost entirely of win, attitude and awesome.

Previously a member of CastleOblivionUK (it disbanded), she co-hosts Demyx Time (as Axel, Zexion and Vexen) on YouTube with tealpirate (see below) and is the Sora of The Sora Show.

One of the members of Parlé Productions, she can nearly always be found pillocking and making faggotry with teal-pirate, One-Sky-One-Destiny, Tomoyo-hime, Mesodyx, sora1992, VanchaAyris and flames-of-monki.

KellyJane and tealpirate have been in a relationship for over a year.

She is independent, loyal to a fault and always up for a laugh. Defends her comrades from herds of wild chavs.
KellyJane(n): Demyx Time 9 was AWESOME! Did you see KellyJane as Vexen?! FRIGGING HILARIOUS!

KellyJane(v): Holy shit dude! Did you see Becky yesterday? She totally KellyJane'd those guys!
by SmartGirl13 May 19, 2009
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KellyJane is one of the members of a cosplay group called Parle Productions. She and Jenn (tealpirate) are most known for thier hilarious show Demyx Time and the newer Sora Show.

She most known as Axel, but also as many others.
1. Have you seen the new episode of Demyx Time? KellyJane's hilarious in it!

2. KellyJane does not like glomping.
by Compelled. March 19, 2009
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