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Beautiful, strong-willed, sexy, smart, funny, spunky, courageous, and then some . Someone you can talk to from sunrise to sunset. The most amazing girl i know, always in the fast lane. You have to learn her, because if you don't .. you will forever chase her. Dreamy eyes, you will gaze into them and loose yourself. Partying and having fun, living liFe to the fullest, someone you can count on for anything. Once you get passed the outer wall of her being a so called hardass then you get to the sweet, compassionate, comforting person. You would not pass a "Kelly" especially this one and not stop. Not one for bullshit, she has been through enough already. Her heart has a barrier outside of it, time & trust.. You will know when you get through because she will sweep you off your feet... Before you know it, you'll be sitting on a cloud with your heart floating beside you.
Kelly is one if those people you strive to be like, you either wanna be with her or like her.. no getting around it
Kelly will keep a smile on your face & a chill running through your spine
by sfcac201 June 19, 2012
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an amazingly smart, tall, beautiful girl with brown hair. shes athletic and competitive and never likes to lose. shes incredibly smart and doesnt judge. she listens to you and holds you in times of weakness. shes liked by everyone and is extremely outgoing and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. even though sometimes it may not be what you want to hear shes completely honest and doesnt hide anything. she is sexy and knows her boundries even though sometimes she may not be able to enforce them. shes incredibly passionate and makes you feel like the most amazing person in the world. even if you dont think so yourself. she'll make you want to do anything and everything to keep her happy. even if sometimes you may suffocate her and not even realize it because youre blinded by love. shes complicated yet simple. shes a puzzle, and if you want to complete her you need to work for her and prove youre worthy. shes the kind of person that makes you want to wake up in the morning even when you dont think you can. shes the kind of person that makes you want to go to sleep even if youre afraid, so the night goes by faster and you can wake up in the morning and hold her again. shes the person that even if youre upset or mad at you cant stay mad at for long, in fear that you might lose her. shes overall someone you never want to lose, hurt, upset, make cry, or make upset. shes someone that you would do anything for, no matter the cost, physically or emotionally.
dude youre dumb if you can be mad at her, shes a kelly.

i would pay or do anything for her, shes a kelly.

shes to good for you, you dont deserve someone like kelly.
by im sorry babygirl <3 May 23, 2010
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The only girl on the planet I could ever want. The best person ever, funny, pretty and amazing in every way and she doesn't even know that I think that. If you have a 'Kelly' in your life NEVER let her go, always be nice to her and always appreciate her or you'll regret it. When we met, I had no idea you would impact my life so much. You've been there for me whenever I needed somebody to be there for me. You've seen me at my best and absolute worst. I've laughed with you and cried. You put up with my anger and craziness. You know me more than I know me more than anybody else does and you see things in me not even I do. You showed me the type of love and affection people wish they could experience. All I ever wanna do is hold you in my arms. When I'm with you I have not one worry. You're honestly my best friend, my other half, my heart, and my soul.
by rollercoastersanddrums October 19, 2013
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The most wonderful girl I will ever meet, she's pretty, smart, kind, funny....I could go on forever! I love her and she doesn't even know it...Definately the coolest person in the world.
"See her? That's Kelly she's the coolest person ever!"
by willywally January 23, 2009
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Warrior princess, so bow down. She demands respect, but gives it too. Face of an angel, kind, sexy, generous, fun loving beauty. Perfect features, gorgeous hair, white straight teeth, sparkling green eyes, round curvy ass. Every guy wants a Kelly. Every girl wants to be a Kelly. She has plenty of people to choose from and treats them all special. Never talks bad about others. Smart, fashionably dressed. Always a standout in a crowd. Mostly outgoing, sometimes shy, which can be mistaken for snooty, but isn't. Great business sense. It's great to be a Kelly.
I wish I were a Kelly. Everything goes her way.

It's a Kelly. (It's a wrap.)
by friend4alifetime February 04, 2010
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The best and most awesomest girl ever! totally funny, has the best and greatest sense of humour! She's genuine and real and says it like it is. Yet she is really kind and friendly to everyone. She has great taste in music and fashion! She looks gorgeous but does not know it. She's probably just humble like that. Other perfect definitions of her are badass and kickass =D
Me: ZOMG, I just think that she's the best!!!!!
by Szchnibitit June 27, 2011
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Kelly (pronounced /ˈkΙ›li/) is an Irish origin given name and surname. It's been adapted to mean "Brave Warrior" in many English language armies (for example, the Irish Army, British Army, and Australian Army), and "Warrior Princess" by American popular culture. Kelly is the second most common family name in Ireland (after Murphy).Originally an Anglicised form of the ancient Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, possibly meaning "bright-headed", "strife", or "church, monastery".

Kelly is fierce!
by Woman Warrior February 06, 2009
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