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The most revolting, culturally barren shit hole in the world. A small town over run by feckless chavs and heroin dealers. Shops rarely sell anything other than White Lightning and fake sportswear. Illiterate population who cannot pronounce Keighley, chosing instead to call it Keeflay. Also a hotbed of leprosy. Apparently.
"Job? What do you mean? I'm from Keeflay"
by Fon March 22, 2005
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A town full of action. Usually a stabbing murder or arsen once a week. pretty shit town but least theres always gossip. Chavs, Takeaways, and when somewheres on fire you get your marshmellows out. People go mental in this town and end up locked up.

If your wanting action - Keeeflii's the way. Always sumat new happenin here. cept well the fact there negative things. But hey every towns got its fuck ups.

And everyone knows everything were just nosey bastards.
We no longer have a Pound strecher - would have been great for bonfire night. Keighley for ya.
by boom1234 May 31, 2011
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Keighley, a small town located in West Yorkshire.
Keighley is over run with Pakis and Indians along with their countless take-aways.
by Afzad April 09, 2004
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A town with a bad reputation according to this very site!

Its a nice town with some chavs but hell which town doesn't have them?

We're visited by thousands of tourists who head to Haworth (which is part of keighley) and we have many tourist attractions in the town!

I'm not gonna say its the best town ever but its better than the people who write on hear think!
Keighley is a town in West Yorkshire
by Marty2007 May 23, 2007
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Someone who hates strawberries because they are fake because no strawberry flavoured item tastes like an actual strawberry. Someone who also hates anyone who doesnt bank with Lloyds Bank and would bang David Oldfield (Lloyds Bank CEO).
"I crushed the strawberrys, they're fake"
"fuck sake KeIgHlEy"
by n.icsol August 06, 2018
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