Its all dark and scary but then the sunshine breaks through the darkness and it aint scary no more. And for the first time u can see how truly beautiful everything is:)
by Keerthi Worshiper February 02, 2004
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Keerthi is the most gorgeous girl in the whole world but doesn't realize it. She underestimates herself while everyone around her sees her as a strong and independent woman. She is a great listener and has a unique sense of humor. She has the best hair that everyone wants. She can show up in pajamas and still look hot af. Overall, she is an amazing friend that anybody would be lucky to have. I guess you could say she's just livin her life :)
She is such a badass, I'm blown.

Yeah it's cause she's keerthi.

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A south-Indian name (usually female) that's attributed to girls who are destined to rule the world. Ancient Indian traditions predict certain girls will take over all branches of government, war, and business, and will become rulers of the world. These women are generally named 'Keerthi', which literally translates to 'victory'.
She's too Keerthi to fail. She'll beat everyone's ass, you wait and watch.
by t-rexicographer July 19, 2017
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