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Essentially means 'keep listening to this audio stream'.

Refers to locking your analogue radio to a particular station for extended listening, though in the modern day, it's more likely you're listening to a webcast or internet radio instead.
We've got the freshest beats from the underground just waiting to explode out of your soundsystems, so keep it locked (down (tight)).
by DarkIye December 30, 2010
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To tell someone to be safe and take care.
Bob: You out this weekend?
Bill: Nah mate, seeing the mrs!
Bob: Ok mate, well call me monday, see ya later and keep it locked!!

Bill: Aiiggghhht!!
by Mowgli-da-pimp October 31, 2007
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expression used on the radio show "weekly record check"
broadcasted on
by Chicago dj and producer Pete Kazimierski.

Means stay tuned, keep listening, do not switch the channel.
Pete - "you're listening to the weekly record check on, Keep it Locked!"
by jqminfo July 14, 2009
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