A term said by a chef or one who makes food when referring to someone that is dumb
by WitWhatSahSah June 5, 2017
An idiot sandwich is a word used on people that are really stupid
Every blonde especially named Ryleigh is an idiot sandwich.
by Long_Shlong69 March 18, 2022
a term used to further annunciate the idiocy of a person while holding the persons face between two pieces of wonder bread
gordon ramsey: “what are you!”
poor chef contestant: “an idiot sandwich
by carpetlover164 October 11, 2021
when Gordon Ramsay won't stop shouting at random people for being bad cookers and but 2 breads in some random guys face
Gordon Ramsay: WHAT ARE YOU?
Cooker: An Idiot Sandwich
by DesireOfFate June 17, 2020
A spinoff of chef Gordon Ramsey’s world favorite ‘idiot sandwich’ that has additional nutritional value thanks to the salad part.
CANNIBAL in a remote location: Hey look over there at those two Crackers! They’d sure make a good idiot-salad sandwich with some Leafy greens!
by AlsoTwenty2 February 5, 2022