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keaten is a guy who is super nice and kind. he is sweet and laughs at your jokes. he usually is not emotional about a lot or likes to keep it hidden but once you become closer to him he opens up and you see a different side of him you'd never expect. you will never forget him, he's by your side. if you meet a keaten, don't let him go, because he is truly a good friend and stellar human.
oh my gosh, keaten is so nice and kind you HAVE to meet him
by a friend 🌮 November 25, 2016
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Keaten is an amazing person and if u his girl u one lucky ass bitch he really knows how to treat a girl he's hella good at video games and is good at a lot of things and sometimes he doubts him self but I know for a fact that hes worth so much and he's a special person he's loving ,caring ,sweet,and charming he also has a nice big ass dick and is a very attractive guy if u know a keaten never lose him u will regret it because you will never find someone else as special as him so keep your keaten he is the best person in world.
Damn there's keaten
by Jailssa is a piece of shit February 16, 2018
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