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Abbreviation for "K see you"
used to say bye to someone, end a convo with annoying fags, or to show ur annoyance, disbelief, jealousy, frustration, disgust, discontent, surprise, or really anything

can also be followed with "bye love you" for added dramatic effect or "my moms here" if you really want to show that you really need to dip cuz u don't want to be in this situation
example 1: *parting in the hallways* person 1: "KCU!!!!" person 2: "BYE LOVE U"

example 2: *stuck in the middle of a two hour long nature hike in a foreign country with the fastest way out being down a cliff* "KCU MY MOMS HERE ANY JUAN NEED A RIDE"

example 3: annoying fag: "daniel, i think im pregnant, and he's yours" Daniel:"kcu"

example 4: person 1: "hey what did u get on ur accounting test I got a 99 really pissed" person 2: "KCUUUUUUUU I fucking failed" person 1: "oh cu"

example 5: person 1: "guys I just got a dope new car look at these pics" person 2: "KCUUUUUU OBVSSSS PMU RN"
by Danuelle September 16, 2017
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